Welcome to Le Flamant Rouge

Le Flamant Rouge has become a well known guesthouse and many visitors return. ”It´s something special with this house – it feels like home away from home” is a comment that appears more than once in the guestbook in the dining room.

At Le Flamant Rouge you are part of the house and not only a guest. In this house you live, not only stay. For example, if you want to paint you can borrow an easel and artists´ colours and bring it into your room. Or you might want to make dinner for just your family, or for everyone in the house, or invite a local to the house and practice your French. We love initiatives like that and we always say ”yes, we´ll arrange that”. Everything can be arranged.

The keywords are creativity, optimism and individual freedom.

Some clients just need a place to stay for a nigt or two – but when they disover the good vibes here, and that they can use the kitchen, the fridge and the dining room, and sit on the back of  the house and enjoy a coffee or a drink and pet Kompis, the ginger cat…they feel at home. And many of them come back for a longer stay.

At Le Flamant Rouge, we also want to encourage creativity. So, if you come here with great energy to create but do not really know where to start or how to overcome your weak creative self confidence…

We try to be open to different needs. For example, ” We have equipment to paint in the attic, do you want me to put it in your room?” without being to pushy. We encourage the guests to be bold. You don´t need to be a writer to write a short novel about the cat in the alley, you don´t need to be an artist to create a painting while you are here…you just need the right atmosphere and we hope that here´s where you´ll find that.

Some clients really use the kitchen, they discover the region, making excursions in the surroundings and buy primary products of local producers and then come home and start experimenting in the kitchen. Sometimes guests make dinner together and eat together in the dining room.

At the same time we certainly don´t demand creativity or sociability of you when you stay here. Of course you are very welcome to peace and quiet when you are here. If you want to sleep, read your book or just drink coffee at the little square in the village, you do that.

I think it´s important to let everyone have their private sphere and that you sleep well at night when you stay here.

The house has three floors full of old details and vintage objects.

Every room is decorated with a theme, and there are loads of details everywhere, sometimes hidden…. and its changing all the time. New objects find their way into the house, and old ones disappear. The mix of vitage style, brocante, art and more contemporary objects will always be there though, Le Flamant Rouge will never be so stylish that you feel afraid to touch things or break a glass.

In the house, Johanna, the owner, speaks swedish, english and french. If you want to get to know the locals, les Peyriacois, they are often very open and welcomimg, even though their English is not always the best. Actually, we have a couple of french and english teachers in the village who can give private French lessons.

Flamingos Peyriac de Mer
Peyriac de Mer at sunset

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