Things to do in Narbonne

Things to do in Narbonne

The beautiful city of Narbonne is just 15 min away from Peyriac-de-Mer, and is really worth a visit. There are many interesting things to do in Narbonne. The city has about 50.000 inhabitants, which makes it manageable to visit by foot.

Les Halles

On one side of the canal is Les Halles, a lively market hall where you can buy everything you could want from the region… and more. Fresh fish, oysters, bird, rabbit, delicious cheeses and local specialties. Inside Les Halles are several restaurants, including well-known Chez Bebelle, where former rugby players now act chefs and thus throw the meat between each other …!

Places to eat in Narbonne

Then continue your hike, lay the Canal de la Robine (one of France’s oldest canals) and settle down on one of all the many outdoor restaurants. We recommend, among others, En Face and cozy La Rotonde. For more fine dining in the evenings we can recommend Gaïa.

Shopping in Narbonne

The Rue des Marchands shopping street is like a bridge over the canal, here are all the usual store chains with clothes, cosmetics, jewelry and of course … delicacies. There are two more shopping streets with slightly more different shops, everything from designer clothes to odd interior details and magical stones … they are called Rue Corneille and Rue de l’ancien courrier.

Narbonne’s heritage

Narbonne is a very old city, founded by the Romans in 118 BC, then called “Narbo martius”. It was located on Via Domitia, which you can actually see a small part of, and even walk on, as an excavation is the decoration of the central square. There is also a cathedral, St-Just, which began to be built as early as 1272. The cathedral and surrounding area is open to visitors.

If you want to find out about more things to do in Narbonne, visit the Tourist information site.

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