Sigean African Reserve

In the neighboring village of Sigean, about 20 minutes drive from Le Flamant Rouge and Peyriac-de-Mer, lies an enormous zoo with African animals, Reserve Africaine Sigean. The zoo opened its doors in 1974 and has since then not only had a fierce stream of visitors, but also conducted extensive research and runs an ongoing breeding program, with the aim of protecting and preserving the species for the future. The reserve covers more than 300 hectares, and is home to over 3800 animals. Exact numbers are impossible to know as most of them live in freedom on the large savannas.

The different species are selected to be able to adapt to the southern French climate, with hot summers and not too cold winters. Some species that get on well together live wild in large flocks.

The safari (in your own car) takes you through a natural landscape, with lakes, wetlands, hills and plains and groves with pineforest. Each area consists of about ten hectares, and you drive between the different parts of the areas.

You will see lions, monkeys, bears, gazelles, impalas, buffaloes, rhinos, meerkats, giraffes … and curious zebras coming all the way close to the car. The ostriches are so nosy that it’s best to pull up the car windows!

In addition to the car safari, there is an area with a more traditional zoo with reptiles and smaller animals, which you visit by foot.

There is a restaurant on site, but there are also areas where you can have your picnic.

Count on at least four hours to see everything, one full day if you want to take it easy and eat in the area.

The site is open every day, all year around, read more about opening hours and prices.

Lions of Sigean African Reserve
Rhinoceros of Sigean African Reserve
Meerkat of Sigean African Reserve