Beaches near Narbonne

Le Doul
The beach closest to Le Flamant Rouge is le Doul, a salt lake in Peyriac-de-mer’s nature reserve. You can walk there in about 20 minutes, but you can also drive. Here the water is almost as salty as in the Dead Sea, making it easy to just lie and float like a cork and enjoy the fantastic scenery all around.

Port la Novelle
The large village of Port La Nouvelle is a 15-20 min drive away, and has a lovely, long beach walk with outdoor seating and ice cream bars. Here the sand is silky and the water is quite shallow which is good for smaller children.

Leucate Plage
About 25 minutes drive from Le Flamant Rouge, you’ll find Leucate Plage, which is our absolute favorite beach. Here it’s never too crowded, a little bit deeper water, and you have a nice view over the Pyrenees to the south and the Corbieres behind your back … When you arrive at the sea you can turn left where there are some smaller hotels and beach cafes . At the far left is Les falaises, the cliff top, which towers up and serves as wind protection for windy days. If you turn right you come to La plage sauvage, the wild beach. Here is a large parking lot that is never full. A little further away on the beach is the cool beach bar Le Poulpe, which is torn down every fall and built up every summer. Here you can enjoy superb drinks, have lunch or rent a spot with fatboys and umbrellas and get the drinks served right next to the beach. If you continue south for 5 minutes by car you come to the oyster farms in Port Leucate, where there are about twenty small oyster shops with degustation, tasting, where you can devouer fresh oysters with a glass of cold white wine, for example a Picpoul de Pinet, for an small price. Here it is open all day, but please note there are no hot dishes or salads, only oysters, shrimp, mussels (raw!) and other seafood, served with butter and bread. Wonderful place, highly recommended.

La Franqui
Close to Leucate lies the large, deep beach of La Franqi, renowned for its beauty – but also because it is a mecca for kite surfing. There are also several restaurants and a great pizzeria.

Gruissan Plage
The beach in Gruissan “Plage des Chalets”, is world famous for its large area right next to the beach with hundreds of small houses on high poles. This is where the movie Betty Blue 32.5 in the morning was filmed. The beach is lovely with fine sand, quite shallow water, with several cool beach restaurants and ambulating ice cream vendors. During the French holiday season in August, it is quite crowded and can be difficult to find parking. You get to Gruissan in about 25 minutes by car.

Narbonne Plage
Narbonne Plage is the name of a holiday village 15-20 min by car from the city of Narbonne. Nice sandy beach and a lot of restaurants, quite touristy.
Floating in the doul

Floating in Le Doul

Mediterranean water

Crystal clear water…