Peyriac-de-Mer’s “twin village” is called Bages and is beautifully situated on a hill next to Etang de Bages. Bages is about the same size as Peyriac, but … it is different. The houses are bigger, more elegant, with cast-iron balconies, but there are fewer shops and restaurants.

You enter Bages either from the “national” road, or from the winding old road between Bages and Peyriac, which runs between the etanges. There is a third road, for bicycle or pedestrian, which takes about 1.5 hours to walk. The last, uphill climb is worth the trouble though, as you ascend the high hills and get an outstanding view of the wine fields and etanges …

In Bages you park down at the foot of the village and simply walk upwards. In the middle of the village is the square with the restaurant “Les Jardins de Bages”, which also has a small “épicerie”, a minimal grocery store but…there is still a small deli section with fresh charcuteries, and the “foie gras”, the duck liver can be found without any problems. It is different in different countries what one considers necessary basic commodities, that is quite clear. At “Les Jardins de Bages” you can enjoy free concerts on Thursday evenings during the summer , everything from rock to chansons.

If you prefere to go to a nice fish restaurant, you book a table at Le Portanel.

In Bages there is also a small antique/curiosity shop, what is here called a “brocante”, with a small bar, owned by the tall and sympathetic Jerome.

Le Doul - Peyriac de Mer