Art Journaling/Mixed Media 12-17 of September 2020

Art Journaling for the fourth time!

Travel day 12/9
Course 4 full days, 13-16/9
Travel day 17/9

If you are interested in spending some wonderful days in the south of France with creativity, wonderful food and drink – now is your chance! To participate in this course in art journaling / mixed media, you do not need to have any direct prerequisites, however, a burning desire to re-establish contact with your lustful creativity.

Victoria Engholm teaches simple techniques that can make anyone create wonderful pictures. However, the focus is not on the finished image, but on the process itself. Creating is a healing activity with the wonderful bonus of having fun in the meantime, and we promise – the exercises will make you release the fear of the white paper, make the inner critic unemployed and make you lose your grip on time. The course will include both exciting and prestigious exercises, as well as good food and excursions. No prerequisites needed, just fun!

Curiuous? Here you can see some of the photos from earlier classes!

Want more info? Please contact us directly at Le Flamant Rouge Guesthouse!

Art Journaling 2020
Art Journaling giraff
Art journaling atelje
Art Journalin lila kvinna

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